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All-In-One Solutions for Hospital Information Management

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Discover a complete solution for HIMS with EMR

All-in-one hospital management solution for seamless operations

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Enhancing Patient Care and Staff Incentives

This system assists patients in scheduling appointments online, as well as registering walk-in patients. It facilitates the collection of demographic, insurance, and other essential information related to patients for treatment. It also incorporates billing for outpatient, inpatient, and discharge services, among others.

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In Person OPD Management

An organized OPD is crucial for managing a large number of patients attended by multiple doctors. The complete cycle of an effective OPD, from registration through patient history, diagnosis, and prescriptions, is efficiently stored and managed by DANPHE Software.

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The Comprehensive Inpatient Management Solution

The Complete Inpatient Management Module efficiently handles all inpatient functionalities in your hospital, from patient registration to billing, along with comprehensive tracking of patient records.

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Innovations in Operation Theater Management

The Operation Theater module facilitates the scheduling of operation theaters, surgical teams, patient tracking, operation theater rosters, and notes, along with managing death and birth certificates. The purpose of OT management is to optimize the utilization of operation theaters, reduce patient wait times, and ensure timely and efficient surgical procedures.

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SSF Insurance Scheme Management Module for Hospitals

This module aids in managing the Social Security Fund (SSF) insurance scheme in hospitals. It supports registration, billing, pharmacy, and claim management and is equipped with API integration with the SSF system.

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Automating Processes and Enhancing Efficiency

The Pathology Lab Management module facilitates the definition of laboratory tests, supporting fully configurable laboratory test reports that can be ordered for both outpatients and inpatients instantaneously.

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Optimizing Workflow and Administration

The pharmacy module encompasses both central and distributed pharmacies, incorporating several functional units such as stock tracking, ordering, and receiving medicines from vendors.

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Streamlining Hospital Stock Management

The inventory module spans across the entire hospital, encompassing wards, OT, pharmacy, and other departments, regulating the complete stock movement throughout the institution.

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DANPHE HIMS Queue Management Feature

The queue management feature in DANPHE HIMS is utilized to manage patient queues and prioritize patient flow within the hospital. It ensures that patients are attended to promptly and efficiently, thereby reducing waiting times and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Danphe HIMS

For Healthcare Institutions

Delivering better outcomes by working together to build smart system solutions for you

  • Improve your patient experience by improving your process with DANPHE HMIS Software

  • Significant reduction in time and effort required to manage your Health Institution

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One solution, no software clutter – Comprehensive EHR and HIMS in a nutshell.


One solution, no software clutter – Comprehensive EHR and HIMS in a nutshell.

We Provide Trusted and Best Software

All-in-one hospital management solution for seamless operations

  • Built By Doctors For Doctors

    We have your efficiency and ease in mind, so we have developed an user-friendly solution.

  • Customizable & Scalable

    We built it from the bottom up, so we can customize to your needs. Also, as your business grows, Danphe can scale to meet your demands

  • Cloudbase Service

    We offer both on premises and cloud based services catering to your needs.

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